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    A self-guided event that will remain open until June XX. To participate click through the slides to learn more about the project. Provide comments using the comment form in the top right corner at any time during the event. The Environmental Assessment for the project is available online here.

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    How to Participate

    • Click through all the slides to learn more about the project.
    • Read the Environmental Assessment.
    • Provide comments using the comment form in the right corner at anytime during the event.

    About the Project

    The City of Commerce City is proposing improvements to E. 88th Avenue between I-76 and Highway 2. The City has conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA) along this 1.6-mile stretch.

    Project Purpose

    The purpose of the E. 88th Avenue project is to improve traffic operations and accommodate current and future general vehicular traffic, heavy trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians on E. 88th Avenue between I-76 and Highway 2.

    Project Needs

    Need 1: Improve roadway operations

    Need 2: Accomodate all users

    What is an Environmental Assessment?

    An Environmental Assessment, required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), is a concise document prepared to identify both positive or negative impacts related to a project. During NEPA, impacts to the community (land use, socioeconomics, noise, historic resources, etc.), and natural resources (wetlands, air quality, wildlife, water quality, etc.) are assessed to avoid, minimize and mitigate for environmental effects.

    88th at the UPRR looking east

    Public Outreach

    • Stakeholder interviews and meetings with adjacent landowners (Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)
    • Public Meeting (March 2019)
    • Online Event (June 2020)
    • Online Event #2 – We are here

    Project Study Area

    Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), an Environmental Assessment determines the impacts of a project. The project study area includes areas of both permanent (direct and indirect) impacts from the completed project and temporary impacts during construction. The No-Action and Proposed Action Alternatives were evaluated for impacts to environmental resources within the project study area.

    88th ave. project study area

    What is the Project (Proposed Action)?

    Multiple design options were developed and evaluated for six design elements within the project study area. Stakeholder and public input was considered during this evaluation process. Additional information regarding the Design Options Evaluation Process can be found in the Design Options Screening Report.

    The Proposed Action is the alternative that resulted from combining the selected design options. The Proposed Action was evaluated through Preliminary Design and the Environmental Assessment.

    Click on a point to view it's description.

    88th ave. project study area
    Two lanes each direction, with raised median and a multiuse path on the north and sidewalk on the south, west of Rosemary Street.
    Access changes between Brighton Road and the O'Brian Canal:
    • Improved Jolene Court approach to Brighton Road.
    • Permitted U-turn at E. 88th Avenue and Brighton Road.
    • Improved access at the Mile High Flea Market with a signalized intersection, dedicated left-turn and U-turn movements, and dynamic lane (left-turn lane during events and travel lane during normal roadway operations).
    New single-span bridge over the O’Brian Canal and improved at-grade crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad track to accommodate wider roadway and bicycle and pedestrians facilities.
    Widened Rosemary Street with sidewalks on both sides and reconfigured intersection with E. 88th Avenue.
    One lane in each direction, with a two-way left-turn lane and a buffer-separated multiuse path on the north and sidewalk on the south, east of Rosemary Street.
    Multiuse path and sidewalk extended across the BNSF tracks and Highway 2.

    Stormwater Drainage and Water Quality Treatment
    The Proposed Action would include construction of a section of the Irondale Gulch Outfall to detain stormwater for E. 88th Avenue.
    The Preliminary Design showing the Proposed Action is illustrated on the next slide.

    Proposed Action & Preliminary Design

    Based on our research of existing conditions and feedback we received from the community, we have developed the preliminary design below. The preliminary design is available in Appendix D of the Environmental Assessment.

    To toggle the zoom, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the rollplot below. To move while zoomed, simply click and drag through the map. Clicking any of the numbered cameras on the roll plot will open a window with more details on that section.

    1) Existing Photo — RTD Bus Stop


    2) Proposed Cross Section — Brighton Road to Rosemary Street

    Cross Section

    3) Proposed Cross Section — Eastbound at Mile High Flea Market Entrance

    Cross Section

    4) Existing Photo — Business Access of Quince Street


    5) Existing Photo — Union Pacific Railroad Track Crossing


    6) Existing Photo — E. 88th Avenue and Rosemary Street Intersection


    7) Existing Photo — 88 Drive-In Entrance


    8) Existing Photo — South Adams Fire Department Access


    9) Proposed Cross Section — Rosemary Street to Highway 2

    Cross Section

    10) Existing Photo — BNSF Railway Track Crossing


    11) Existing Photo — E. 88th Avenue and Highway 2 Intersection


    Environmental Impacts

    Impacts caused by the Proposed Action can occur on a temporary basis, during construction, or they can occur on a permanent basis, during operation. Impacts can have a negative effect on a resource or a benefit. Summary information about impacts and mitigation can be accessed by clicking on each resource, below. Additional information about impacts and mitigation can be found in the Environmental Assessment.

    Resources with No Identified Impacts:

    • Archaeology
    • Farmland
    • Floodplains
    • Paleontology
    • Section 6(f) -  property acquired or developed with grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund

    Resources with Impacts or with Benefits:

    Click on each element below to view the impact and mitigation

    Where are we in the process?

    Planning: DRCOG'S 2020 Metro Vision Plan [2020], Irondale Neighbordhood and Infrastructure Plan (2018), Walk, Nike, Fit a Multi-Modal Active Transportation Plan (2021) C3 Vision Transportation Plan (2010) C3 Vision Comprehensive Plan (2010). 2019-2021 EA & Decision Document: Optimized travel lane needs based on traffic studies, Developed Design to acoomodate all users and regional needs, Refined design to minimize impacts to historic properties. 2021-2022 Final Design: Right of way aquisition, Final Coest estimate, Evaluation of proposed noise walls, including res, Construction phasing determined. 2023-2024 Construction: Hire Contractor, Begin Construction 2020, Ongoing Public Information, Complete Construction 2024


    The City of Commerce City has funding budgeted for Final Design and Right-of-Way Acquisition and is applying for grants to help fund the construction of the project

    Provide Your Input!

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    Thank you for your participation in the E. 88th Avenue Environmental Assessment Online Public Event. For more information, visit the project website.

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