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South Jefferson County Library Expansion Project



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    • Population growth has outpaced library capacity throughout the county.
    • The intent is to locate the new facility in the southern region of the county to provide services to those beyond convenient access to an existing library in Jefferson County—services and resources that best fit your needs.
    • This expansion will provide additional access to information and opportunities for all generations, and will be adaptable for future growth and economic development beyond initial expectations.

    Background Information

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    Let's begin our journey with some background information.

    • In 2015, voters in Jefferson County approved to increase the maximum mill levy for the Jefferson County Public Library for the purposes of restoring the level of library services. That funding is making this new library possible.
    • Our next task is to locate a home for this new facility in the southern region of Jefferson County for those currently beyond convenient access.
    • Our intent is to expand our services and resources to these individuals while collecting input from the community along the way.

    Tell Us What Type of Library You’d Like Best

    Tell Us What Type of Library You’d Like Best