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Around the Airport - MnDOT

Active Traffic Alert

Westbound Highway 5 (to Bloomington) between Highway 62/55 and 494 is closed through Fall 2020.

Open to traffic: Eastbound Highway 5 between 494 and Davern Street in St. Paul.

Current Travel Impacts

  • Headed to MSP Terminal 2? The ramps from 494 west to 34th Avenue and Highway 5 west to 34th Avenue are closed through October. The detour uses 494 west, Highway 77 and 494 east.
  • The ramp from Highway 5 west to 494 east is closed through October.

Plan for Major Road Work
Around the Airport in 2020

Traveling to, from or around the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport this year? Plan ahead—improvements are underway. Major construction is taking place as crews work to better the quality and safety on your route. Highway 5 (between 494 and Highway 62) will have closures and detours through October.

Let us help you plan your approach to make your trip as smooth as possible. Wherever you’re headed, our up-to-date map shows road closures and route changes that you’ll want to know about before you drive. Bookmark this site, and stay connected for updates.

What’s Happening

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Road construction that changes how you get to and from MSP Airport

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A full construction season of Highway 5 closures

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Detours that will add time to your trip

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Bridge and ramp work that impacts the routes where Highways 5/55/62 meet

Explore the Map

Use the control panel of the map below to see the closures and detours. All dates are subject to change. Use the controls in the top right corner of the map to zoom in/out, or to re-center the map.

For alternate formats of this information please email or reference the accessible, printable versions of the following maps:

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Road Closure/Road Work

Project Timeline

Through October 2020

Westbound Hwy 5 is closed between Hwy 62/55 and 494.

Additional routes to Terminal 1:

  • From downtown Minneapolis: Take 35W south to 494 east to Highway 5 east into Terminal 1.
  • From the west metro: Take 494 east to Highway 5 east into Terminal 1.
  • From the south metro: Take 35W north to 494 east to Highway 5 east into Terminal 1.
  • From Rochester: Take Highway 52 north to Highway 55/62 west to 494 west to Highway 5 east into Terminal 1.
  • From St. Cloud: Take 94 east to 494 south into Bloomington. Take the exit for Highway 5 east and follow the signs for Terminal 1.

Plan Your Approach

Everyone will need to plan ahead to find the best route around the airport through October. That means air travelers, commuters, shippers, delivery drivers, shuttles, ride-hailing services, visitors and people traveling to and from St. Paul.

Click the icon below that best represents your travel needs. We’ll cover what to expect, and recommend a plan for your approach.

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to/from Saint Paul...

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I’m an area

If you travel through St. Paul using Highway 5, or live/work nearby, you’ll be impacted by construction. Highway 5 closures and detours will affect access to and from St. Paul. Plan extra time for your commute, and know your route before you hit the road.

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Planned closures

  • Westbound Highway 5 between Highway 62/55 and 494. Highway 5 will be closed for westbound traffic through October.
    Please note: The pedestrian bridge over Highway 5 will remain open during construction.
  • Highway 62/55 Interchange. Westbound Highway 5 travelers will be rerouted onto Highway 62 or 55 at the interchange. The following entrance and exit ramps are closed in this area:
    • Highway 62/55 west to Highway 5 west
    • Highway 62/55 east to Highway 5 west
    • Highway 5 west to Bloomington Road

Know your route

Detour routes are carefully planned to reroute traffic on highways. Our goal is to preserve city streets that aren’t designed to handle highway traffic.

For more information about other road or lane closures in Saint Paul, visit the City’s website at

  • If you come through Saint Paul, be aware that Lexington Parkway is closed to traffic between Albion Street and West 7th Street/Highway 5 for road construction through mid-October.

If the planned closures affect your drive, visit the map to view detour routes.

Frequently travel on Highway 5? Sign up to receive project email updates and bookmark this site to stay up-to-date.

Local bus route 54

If you're traveling by bus, and your arrival time isn’t flexible, you may need to catch an earlier one. Route 54 buses, with service between the airport and St. Paul, are adjusting most routes to minimize schedule impacts during construction.

You’ll only be able to travel to (and from) the airport in one direction due to Highway 5 closures and detours.

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Track real-time traffic impacts provides real-time traffic impacts on freeways and highways across the state – including the area around the airport.

  • If you use a navigation app, map the drive before you hit the road to catch delays from other projects and unrelated traffic slowdowns.
  • We’ll be underway in the heart of Minnesota construction season, so this may not be the only construction zone on your route.

Whether people are coming to you for business or leisure, road work may affect the experience.

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What you and your guests can expect

  • Give Directions.
    Nearby destinations need to provide employees, delivery companies and customers with alternate travel plans, and create a plan for time-sensitive arrivals. We can help. Check the map, and contact us if you need more information.
  • Explore the online map to see the road closures that will occur.
  • Plan for Business.
    Work with employees, coworkers and clients to plan ahead if they’re coming your way for an in-person meeting.

Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Please keep distance between yourself and others; face coverings are required on Metro Transit buses and trains. See the latest schedule information at

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Local bus route 54

If your arrival time isn’t flexible, you may need to catch an earlier bus. Route 54 buses, with service between the airport and St. Paul, are adjusting most routes to minimize schedule impacts during construction.

Highway 5 closures and detours will add extra time to your drive through the area or to nearby destinations. The longest delays are expected during peak weekday travel times.

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Expected delays

  • Highway 5: Highway 5 between 494 and the Mississippi River will be open to traffic in one direction.
  • Highway 62/55 interchange: Plan for multiple ramp closures that change the way people get from St. Paul to Bloomington, Terminals 1 and 2, and the rest of the south metro area through October.
  • Detour routes: Detours will add time to your trip. See the map.
  • Explore the online map to see the where road closures will occur.

For commuters

Sign up to receive project email updates to get the latest traffic impacts, and bookmark this site to stay up-to-date.

For visitors

Just visiting? Check and navigation apps to see real-time traffic impacts, and give yourself plenty of time to travel to your destination.

Businesses near the airport may be affected by road construction. We want to help you plan ahead to minimize impacts on your employees and customers.

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Affected businesses

  • Businesses located along or near the areas under construction
  • Employees who use Highway 5 or 494 to get to/from your location
  • Employees or clients flying into the Twin Cities during construction
  • Customers who use Highway 5 or 494 to get to/from your location, or fly in/out of MSP Airport

Not sure how to plan for travel impacts? We have ideas to help you prepare, and we’re here if you need additional support! Email us at

Help your employees plan ahead

  • Get Email Updates. Sign up to receive project email updates for the latest traffic impacts, and encourage employees to do the same. If you run a large business, consider assigning one person to forward the email updates to the rest of your team.
  • Know Your Route. Encourage employees who travel near the airport to plan their route before they drive. Send them to this site, too, for helpful planning tools. If you provide transportation services to/from the airport, make a plan to help you and guests arrive on time.

Travel Resources

  • Take a moment before you travel to make a plan. These resources can help you decide which route to take, how to get there and when you should leave.

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Check to see real-time road conditions, travel delays and live highway cameras

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See transit options and up-to-date schedule information at

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Visit for terminal, parking and security wait time information


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