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Bunker Lake Boulevard Improvement Project


    Bunker Lake Boulevard Improvement Project

    Anoka County – Virtual Public Meeting

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    Watch these brief comments from Engineering Design Supervisor Nick Dobda, P.E., before you begin exploring the project materials.

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    Following guidance from state and county health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, Anoka County has temporarily postponed all in-person public meetings and events. We appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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    Project Background

    Travel Impacts

    Starting in 2022, Highway 10 will experience four years of road and bridge construction that will impact travel in and through the cities of Coon Rapids, Anoka and Ramsey.

    Traffic congestion, delays, and backups will be more frequent on Highway 10 during this time, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. Naturally, people are going to find alternative routes around the work zone. The Mississippi River prohibits any convenient alternative route to the south. For this reason, it is expected that vehicles will go north to the nearest parallel route: Bunker Lake Blvd. (CSAH 116).

    Hear Engineering Design Supervisor Nick Dobda, P.E., talk about the need for this road construction.

    Project Area

    Project area map

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Detour Routes

    Traffic is expected to switch to Bunker Lake Blvd. during Highway 10 construction

    Even though Bunker Lake Blvd. will not be an “official” detour route for the Highway 10 construction, traffic volumes are anticipated to double what they are today during the morning and evening rush hours. Current daily traffic volumes on Bunker Lake Blvd. from Armstrong Blvd. to Sunfish Lake Blvd. range from 5,000-9,300 vehicles.

    Traffic may double during construction

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Bunker Lake Boulevard Upgrades

    Strategic improvements will make a safer and more free-flowing route in 2022-2025

    Today, Bunker Lake Blvd. is a limited access, high speed, multi-lane, divided highway from Sunfish Lake Blvd. (CSAH 57) in the City of Ramsey to just west of Highway 65 in the City of Ham Lake. This stretch of Bunker Lake Blvd. can safely handle more traffic on the road. However, Bunker Lake Blvd. west of Sunfish Lake Blvd. is an undivided two-lane section, which is acceptable for today’s traffic volumes, but requires changes to accommodate the additional traffic bypassing the Highway 10 construction.

    In 2021, before the Highway 10 construction begins, Anoka County will be making upgrades to Bunker Lake Blvd. between Armstrong Blvd. and Sunfish Lake Blvd. to:

    • Better manage the anticipated influx of traffic in 2022-2025
    • Keep the system safe
    • Provide thru efficiency for the local community and regional commuters

    Project Overview

    What’s planned for Bunker Lake Blvd.?

    Anoka County, in partnership with MnDOT and the cities of Anoka and Ramsey, will be making changes to Bunker Lake Blvd. (CSAH 116) from Armstrong Blvd. (CSAH 53) to Sunfish Lake Blvd. (CSAH 57) starting in midsummer through late fall 2021. These changes are in anticipation of a temporary increase in traffic during Highway 10 construction in 2022-2025. Doing something today will better prepare the community for major construction beginning a year from now.

    The following safety and access improvements will help reduce traffic backups, get people through the area, and provide a more predictable trip:

    Turn lanes iconAdditional designated turn lanes
    Increased capacity iconIncreasing storage capacity of select turn lanes
    Merge lane iconIncreasing the length of merge lanes
    Restricted turns iconRestricting left turns onto Bunker Lake Blvd. at some intersections and driveways
    Traffic signal iconInstalling a traffic signal and adding dedicated left turn lanes at the Bunker Lake Blvd./Sunwood Dr. intersection

    Preliminary Layout

    What are we currently proposing?

    Strategic Improvements

    View the improvements along Bunker Lake Blvd. from Armstrong Blvd. to Sunfish Lake Blvd. and provide any comments you may have. Open a detailed PDF of the layout or check out the map image shown here.

    Use your mouse cursor or finger to zoom into or pan left and right around the map below. On a phone or tablet? Rotate your screen horizontally for a better interactive map experience. Or, view a PDF of the layout.

    Your Feedback — Survey Question

    Public Comment Map

    See and comment on the strategic improvements

    How to share a comment

    Comment map icon

    Explore the project area using the interactive map embedded below. To make a comment, select a point on the map to drop a pin and enter your feedback. We appreciate your input and knowledge of the area.

    Not sure what to say? Here’s what we want to know from the community.

    • What do you think of the proposed improvements along this stretch of Bunker Lake Blvd.?
    • What should we know about the area before construction begins?

    Construction At-A-Glance

    The project team will be finalizing the construction plans, including staging and schedule information, in the coming months. Watch for new information as it becomes available on the project website and sign up to receive the Construction Weekly electronic newsletter to stay up to date on this and other 2021 area construction projects.

    What We Know Today

    • Construction will begin in mid to late summer and be completed by late fall 2021.
    • Bunker Lake Blvd. traffic will not be detoured during the work.
    • Left turns to/from Bunker Lake Blvd. will be restricted at Basalt St. NW during and after construction (see map). A permanent, raised concrete median will be added at this intersection to keep traffic moving and allow only right in/right out traffic onto Bunker Lake Blvd.
    Project area construction impacts

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Our Commitment to the Community

    Commitment icon

    During construction, Anoka County is committed to providing one lane of traffic in each direction on Bunker Lake Blvd. Access to residences, businesses, and side streets along Bunker Lake Blvd. will be maintained at all times.

    Intersection in the project area

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Long-Term Regional Vision

    Over the next five years, MnDOT, Anoka County, and the cities of Anoka and Ramsey will lead multiple construction projects that collectively transform the Highway 10 corridor and surrounding areas.

    Watch these short comments from Jennifer Wiltgen with MnDOT on what’s in store for the Highway 10 area.

    Relevant Projects

    • Bunker Lake Blvd. construction (2021)
    • Anoka Solution (reconstruction of the Thurston Ave., Fairoak Ave., and Main St. intersections; 2022-2023)
    • Highway 10 Rum River Bridge replacement (2022-2023)
    • Ramsey Highway 10/169 Gateway (2024-2025)

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    Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Bunker Lake Blvd. construction!


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    It’s important for the community to understand what to expect during and after construction. Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers that use Bunker Lake Blvd. in this area so they know what to expect, too.

    Your Feedback — Survey Question

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    Nick Dobda, P.E., Anoka County Engineering Design Supervisor | (763) 324-3118

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