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Commerce City Roadway Improvements



    Commerce City Roadway Improvements

    Welcome to our online community meeting! Here you will get an update on the E . 88th Avenue Widening Project between Highway 2 and I-76 and be introduced to the new Rosemary St. Widening Project between East 86th Avenue and East 81st Place.

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    If you are only interested in one of the projects, select the project below or use the buttons in the sidebar at any time. Otherwise, you can continue to the next page to learn more about both projects.


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    Meeting Directions

    • To advance to the next portion of the meeting, click on the arrows to the right of your screen.
    • Use the navigation bar at the left of your screen to revisit any part of the meeting.
    • You will be asked to a series of questions for the Rosemary Street project.
    • You can also provide a comment or question in the upper right corner.
    • This should take you around 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but since this is a self-guided meeting please take your time.

    Project: E. 88th Avenue Widening

    The city is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) along this 1.6-mile stretch of E. 88th Avenue between Highway 2 and I-76 in order to determine the environmental impacts of a proposed project. This project includes improvements to the Rosemary intersection. The final EA will present the preliminary design, evaluate environmental impacts and identify next steps for project implementation.

    Commerce City, FHWA, and Colorado DOT logos


    We received your feedback in 2019, and based on our findings from community and agency scoping, it is proposed that the project will include the following elements:

    Map of the 88th Avenue project area

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Railroad Crossing Improvements

    Elimination of Bridge Over the Rail Road Crossing

    During the development of the EA, the proposed grade separation at the UPRR was examined. Based on feedback from the public, the high cost, and other higher priority grade separation needs within the city, this crossing will be improved as an at-grade crossing.

    A truck near the bridge
    Aerial image of the bridge
    A path near the bridge

    Proposed Design

    E. 88th Avenue West of Rosemary St.

    Two Lanes Each Direction with Raised Median Detached Multi-use Path Attached Sidewalk

    Road design west of Rosemary Street

    E. 88th Avenue East of Rosemary St.

    One Lane Each Direction with Two Way Left Turn Lane Detached Multi-use Path Detached Sidewalk

    Road design east of Rosemary Street

    Click the images above to enlarge.

    Estimated Timeline

    Fall 2021

    Fall 2021:Complete NEPA

    Throughout 2021

    Throughout 2021:Complete Final Design Utilities

    Fall 2022

    Fall 2022:Begin Construction

    Project: Rosemary Street Widening

    Rosemary Street Project Background

    Commerce City logo

    The Rosemary St. widening project was identified as a priority improvement in the City’s recently-adopted Irondale Neighborhood and Infrastructure Plan, with partial funding already identified in the City’s five-year Capital Improvements and Preservation Plan (CIPP).

    Details of the CIPP plan start on page 245 of the city’s budget book.

    Vehicles stopped at a rail road crossing
    Drone photo of the project area
    A line of vehicles on the road

    Project Goals

    Goal 1 icon

    Goal 1:Enhance safety and connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists

    Goal 1 icon

    Goal 2:Improve traffic operations and accommodate current and future general vehicular traffic, as well as heavy trucks

    Goal 1 icon

    Goal 3:Update lighting, drainage, and landscaping

    Project Overview

    Commerce City is proposing the Rosemary St. Widening Project between East 86th Avenue and East 81st Place. The city is evaluating the environmental and right-of-way impacts for the improvements and will develop preliminary and final design along this 0.6 mile stretch.

    This project compliments widening and improvements to the E. 88th Avenue and Rosemary Street intersection being completed as part of the City’s E. 88th Avenue Improvements Project.


    Map of the Rosemary Street project area

    Click the image above to enlarge.


    Since this is a new project, we need your feedback to help us develop the preliminary designs! Please answer the survey questions to the right. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

    Preliminary Design

    Rosemary St. from 81st Place to 86th Ave

    One Lane Each Direction with Two Way Left Turn Lane Attached Multi-use Path Attached Sidewalk

    Road design eastbetween 81st Place and 86th Street

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Estimated Timeline

    Summer 2020

    Summer 2020:Preliminary Design

    Winter 2020

    Winter 2020:Final Design

    Throughout 2021

    Throughout 2021:Right-of-Way and Utilities

    Spring 2022

    Spring 2022:Begin Construction

    Stay Informed

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    Thank You For Participating!

    Your input is welcome and critical to the success of this project. Keep an eye out for additional ways to provide feedback on these Commerce City Roadway Improvements.

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    Scenes from the project area
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