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Capitol/I-10 West Online Public Meeting



    Thank you for participating in the online public meeting for the Capitol/I-10 West Light Rail Extension project! This online public meeting is open from Wednesday, May 27, 2020 through Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

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    Project Background

    This is a map of the high capacity transit system in the current Regional Transportation Plan, approved by voters in 2004. It shows the current 28-mile light rail system, along with planned future extensions.

    The Capitol/I-10 West Light Rail Extension project, shown inside the black box on this map, is designed to help meet travel demand in the West Valley and improve connections to important activity areas like government centers and entertainment facilities.

    Phase I of the project extends from the existing light rail system in downtown Phoenix to the Arizona State Capitol.

    Phase II extends from the State Capitol Complex, west along I-10 to the 79th Avenue Park-and-Ride.

    High Capacity Transit Project Map

    Map of high capacity transit projects

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    Project Overview

    In 2012, after extensive public involvement and technical analysis, the Phoenix City Council approved the route displayed on this map.

    In 2016, Phoenix voters approved the Transportation 2050 program, providing an opportunity to reevaluate the schedule of projects.

    Schedule changes included phasing the Capitol/I-10 West project: Phase I from downtown Phoenix to the Capitol with a completion date of 2023, and Phase II from the Capitol to 79th Avenue, to be completed by 2030.

    The Downtown Hub portion of the South Central Light Rail Extension/Downtown Hub project provided an opportunity to reevaluate the Capitol/I-10 West project’s Phase I route from downtown to the Capitol.

    Additionally, the project team is looking at different types of transit for the Phase II route, and at a possible extension to Desert Sky Mall.

    Download detailed map of the 2012 approved route (PDF)

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    2012 Approved Light Rail Route

    Map of light rail route approved in 2012

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    Map shows route along I-10 from 79th Ave Park-and-Ride to I-17, where the Approved Route runs south along I-17, then east along Van Buren and through the State Capitol area into Downtown Phoenix. The 19th Ave Design Option is also shown running south along 19th Ave from Van Buren St to the State Capitol. Stations are shown on I-10 at the 79th Ave Park-and-Ride, 67th Ave, 59th Ave Park-and-Ride (proposed), 51st Ave, and 35th Ave.The Valley Metro Rail and associated stations are shown coming into Downtown Phoenix from teh north and running east outside of Downtown Phoenix.

    Phase I Option C

    Phase I Option C — Leading Alternative

    The reevaluation of Phase I route options included public input and technical analysis, and resulted in identifying four potential route options – the 2012 Approved Route and three new options – that were shared with the community earlier this year.*

    Based on the analysis and community input received to this point, the loop concept option shown here has emerged as the Leading Alternative route for the Phase I area.

    This option rose to the top primarily because it:

    • Optimizes access for current and future residential and employment centers.
    • Reduces impact to traffic, buses, right-of-way and culturally-sensitive areas such as Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza.
    • More easily accommodates bicycle lanes on both Washington and Jefferson streets.
    • Is consistent with and supports state agency and city planning and economic development goals for the area.

    Download maps of the other options that were considered (PDF)

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    Map of Phase 1 option C

    View larger image

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    Image shows an illustration of an example cross-section on Washington Street between 12th and 13th Avenues looking west. The cross-section shows the Light Rail Train in teh center of the roadway with two lanes of vehicle traffic on either side, and sidewalks on either side of the roadway. The image also shows a map of Phase 1 option C, running west on Adams St from 3rd Ave to 18th Ave, then south on 18th Ave from Adams St to Jefferson St, then east on Jefferson St from 18th Ave to 3rd Ave. The map also shows the 19th Ave option, the existing Valley Metro Rail and associated stations on 1st Ave/Jefferson St and Central Ave/Adams St, and the Valley Metro Rail South Central Extension/Downtown hub and associated stations on Adams St/Central Ave and Jefferson St/1st Ave.

    Desert Sky Mall

    Potential Extension to Desert Sky Mall

    A potential extension of the Phase II route to Desert Sky Mall is also being evaluated. The current end-of-line is at the 79th Avenue Park-and-Ride.

    This potential extension would extend the end-of-line one mile north to serve Desert Sky Mall and other key destinations in that area.

    Key considerations include:

    • Consistent with future development goals (Maryvale Village Core Urban Design, 2011)
    • Connects to key activity centers, increasing project ridership
    • Increases project cost

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    Phase II Transit Type


    For the Phase II route – the route mainly on I-10 – the project team is looking at different types of transit, specifically, an “exclusive busway.”

    An exclusive busway would operate on the same route and in the same manner as light rail but using rubber-tired vehicles. Only transit vehicles would be allowed on the exclusive busway.

    These photo simulations depict both exclusive busway and light rail transit along the Phase II route.

    Don’t forget to visit the “Your Input” tab on this page to provide your feedback on exclusive busway vs. light rail.

    Phase II Photo Simulations

    Light Rail

    Mainline photo simulation of light rail option

    View larger image

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    Exclusive Busway

    Mainline photo simulation of exclusive busway option

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    Next Steps

    As the study progresses, the project team will continue to provide project information, seek community input and coordinate with the State of Arizona to finalize a recommendation for a Phase I route.

    Valley Metro anticipates presenting a Phase I route recommendation to the Phoenix City Council late summer/early fall 2020.

    Analysis of the Phase II transit type and potential extension to Desert Sky Mall will continue, and recommendations are expected by the end of 2020.

    Project Timeline

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    The project timeline begins with corridor planning from mid 2018 to late 2018. The next phase is evaluation and outreach, which begins early 2019 through early 2020. Next, the development of final recommendation and confirmation of Phase I Route occurs in mid 2020. Finally, initiating environmental review for Phase I and confirming transit type in Phase II occurs in late 2020.

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    Thank you for attending this Capitol/I-10 West online public meeting. Please make sure to review all the portions of this meeting and submit your feedback!

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    • The Questions & Answers section (see next page) contains a running list of questions from this online public meeting, and responses from the project team. Check back in anytime to view the latest list.

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    Questions & Answers

    To view a running list of questions submitted by online public meeting attendees, along with responses from the Capitol/I-10 West project team, click here.

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