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This is a self-navigated online meeting for you to learn more about the Casper Area MPO and their transportation projects (past, current and future), and will help us learn more about how we can continue to engage with you more effectively in the future.

How to Navigate:

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How to Participate:

  • Click through all the slides to learn more about the Casper Area MPO
  • Take the survey questions at the end of the meeting (when you are finished, please make sure to hit submit!)

What is the Casper Area MPO?

Transportation is one of the key contributors to the Casper area quality of life and economic viability. The Casper Area MPO was created in accordance with the Federal-Aid Highway Act to work with local jurisdictions below to develop transportation planning activities that satisfy the community’s present and future needs.

The MPO includes:

  • Town of Bar Nunn
  • City of Casper
  • Town of Evansville
  • Town of Mills
  • Natrona County
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT)
Casper Area MPO Map

Meet your Casper Area MPO

The Casper Area MPO is a small group of individuals dedicated to addressing your community’s transportation needs. They manage several transportation planning projects and programs through the help of the local jurisdictions mentioned previously and consultant teams.

Fun Fact!

Meet Jeremy Yates, the Casper Area MPO Supervisor. Jeremy knows exactly where to find the lifetime achievement Oscar of Hollywood legend Barbara Stanwyck.

Below are the committees that help guide the Casper Area MPO projects and programs.

Policy Committee

The Casper Area MPO is governed by the Policy Committee which includes representatives from Bar Nunn, Casper, Evansville, Mills, Natrona County, and WYDOT.

Technical Committee

Policy Committee members receive professional guidance through the Technical Committee. Each jurisdiction sends planners, engineers, or public works officials to discuss the technical aspects of projects.

Citizens Comittee

The governing council of each agency can appoint interested members of the public who apply to the Citizens Committee. This group of individuals consists of individuals interested in transportation and who offer a resident’s perspective on projects. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Citizens Committee, contact Jeremy Yates at or (307) 235-8255

Participate in Future Transportation Projects

The success of the Casper Area MPO transportation projects and programs relies heavily upon your participation. We want to involve you and your community early in the transportation planning process and include involvement opportunities beyond formal hearings.

We are currently updating our Public Participation Plan which helps direct how you can be involved in the transportation planning process. We want to make sure the updated plan incorporates your communication needs.

Take our survey below to help us update the Public Participation Plan

Explore our Projects

Click on the map points in the interactive map below to explore our past, present, and future projects.
Regional projects are listed on the left.

Regional Projects

Completed January 2020

The LRTP, also known as Connecting Crossroads, analyzed existing and future roadway conditions, transit operations, non-motorized facilities, rail operations, and airport operations. Specific recommendations to address transportation deficiencies were provided in the final plan and was intended to be flexible and capable of responding to a constantly changing community.

Read the LRTP

Completed April 2020

The Casper Regional Wayfinding System provides a strategic, logical, and aesthetically pleasing approach to orient and direct visitors and residents to and around key area destinations. The design was inspired by elements that make this area unique and enhances how both visitors and residents experience their time here.

Read the Wayfinding Master Plan

November 2020 – April 2021

The success of the Casper Area MPO transportation projects and programs relies heavily upon public participation. We want to involve the public early on in the transportation planning process and include public involvement opportunities beyond formal hearings. The Public Participation Plan helps explain and describe how the public can be involved in the transportation planning process. It is currently being updated to incorporate the community’s needs and ever-evolving public involvement tools.

More information coming soon!

October 2020 – April 2021

This plan will cover the Federal Fiscal years 2022-2026 and produce short term goals and a long-term strategic plan for the Casper Area Transit System. The project will include a variety of public participation opportunities including various surveys, an interactive project webpage, discussions with community stakeholders, and community workshops. The project, which received Casper city council approval in late October 2020, is expected to last approximately six months.

Read the Transit Strategic Development Plan Plan


The objective of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is to provide local officials and participating agencies with a method of ensuring that local and federal transportation planning resources are allocated in accordance with established governmental policies. It gives a general overview of the planning process and a description of the planned work program for the coming fiscal year. The UPWP provides guidance and structure for development of planning projects and allows for the efficient use of scarce funding.

Learn more about the UPWP

Coming soon

The Casper Complete Streets & Ordinance plan is intended to develop a plan to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders across all city streets as well as provide for a framework to codify transportation and streets related ordinances across the City of Casper. The documents would strive to enable the maintenance of mobility for vehicles and trucks while elevating the needs and experience for those walking, biking, rolling and using transit. This plan is part of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

Coming soon

This project will update the MPO’s 2014 Trails, Path and Bikeway Plan and provide guidance and tools for safety outreach to pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists. The plan will identify needs, opportunities and constraints related to improving conditions for walking and bicycling throughout the Casper Area and build upon planning efforts and investments made to date.

Completed Project

Current Project

Future Project

Stay Informed!

In case you missed the sign-in sheet at the beginning of the meeting, please provide the following information if you want to stay informed about future public participation opportunities. Personal information is voluntary and will only be used for future public participation purposes.