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    General Information Survey — 2 Questions

    Integrated Grid Planning

    An energy planning process to identify the best options for customers to move Hawai'i toward a clean energy future.

    Planning Hawaii’s Grid for Future Generations

    With a renewed focus on comprehensive energy planning, Hawaiian Electric proposed an Integrated Grid Planning ("IGP") process that we believe will benefit customers by identifying the best options to affordably move Hawai’i toward a reliable, resilient clean energy future with minimal risk.

    In addition, we believe the State will benefit from expanded market opportunities for resource, grid services, and non-wires alternatives for transmission and distribution ("T&D"), which can foster innovative solutions for a new energy economy.

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    Our goal: 100% renewables by 2045

    Current percent of renewables: 28%

    Increased percentage through data collection, plan definition, plan refinement, plan optimization, and regulatory review

    Grid-Scale Renewables

    Existing and planned generating facilities in our service area and the maximum potential power in megawatts (MW) they can produce.

    Hawaiian Electric Projects

    High-level snapshots of various grid-scale renewable projects around the islands are shown below. To see the current progress of each of our grid-scale renewable projects, visit our Clean Energy Portfolio.

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    Clean Energy Portfolio

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    Maui, Lana'i, Moloka'i islands map

    Project Selection Process

    We have a process for selecting, evaluating, and contracting new renewable projects. Several parts of the process include opportunities for public engagement and input.

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    The 11-step process includes four opportunities for public input

    Rooftop Renewable Energy

    For residential and small business customers who want to reduce their bills by installing solar systems that meet specific program requirements.

    Rooftop Solar Options

    These programs are the available options for new solar customers to install PV panels on their rooftops.

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    Options include Customer Grid-Supply, Customer Grid-Supply Plus, Customer Self-Supply, and Smart Export

    Installation Opportunities

    Many customers have rooftop solar system on homes and businesses. And there are still opportunities to install rooftop solar on your residence or business to save money and help Hawai'i reach a clean energy future.

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    Solar energy use has been increasing and in 2019 more than 90 megawatts were recorded

    Community-Based Renewable Energy

    Community-Based Renewable Energy (CBRE), or community-solar, provides a way for participating subscribers without privately-owned rooftop solar to benefit from electricity generated by a renewable energy facility located in their community.

    The Next Phase: ‘Solar without a Roof’

    Community solar is a hybrid: owned or leased by customers who don’t or can’t have solar, often because they are renters or live in apartment buildings, but sized and sited like a grid-scale solar facility.

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    Important roles include the subscriber, the subscriber organization, and the administration

    Electrification of Transportation

    Electrification of Transportation (EoT) plays a key role in allowing us to integrate more renewable energy generation.

    EoT Strategic Roadmap

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    Hawai'i has goals to increase electric transportation use

    Emissions on Hawai'i

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    The goal for 2045 is .5 tons of CO2 emitted

    Emissions on O‘ahu

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    The goal for 2045 is 1 ton of CO2 emitted

    Emissions on Maui

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    The goal for 2045 is .2 tons of CO2 emitted

    For Community and Customers

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    Benefits of electric vehicle use include reduced costs, tax breaks, free parking, specialty lanes, clean air, and energy savings

    There are more than 500 electric vehicle charging stations across Hawai'i

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    EoT Strategic Roadmap


    Making our grid more resilient with key planning elements.

    Definition and Understanding

    "Resilience is the ability of a system or its components to adapt to changing conditions and withstand and rapidly recover from disruptions."
    —Public Utilities Commission Staff

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    Our plant to be resilient includes minimizing the impacts of severe events, rapidly recovering, sustaining critical functions, and learning and adapting

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    Our Vision & Commitment

    Resilience on Hawai'i

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    Threats in Hawai'i include hurricanes, tsunamis, cyber attacks, and volcanoes

    Resilience on other islands

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    Threats on other islands include hurricanes, tsunamis, cyber attacks, and wildfires


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    Meeting Comments & Questions

    We appreciate all of the comments and questions received during our March 2020 engagement, and have developed the following document to share responses from our Integrated Grid Planning team.

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    Careers at Hawaiian Electric

    Information and opportunities for joining the team.

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    Apply today to learn about community engagement, educational programs, and generoud benefits

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