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MnDOT - Hwy 15 Reconstruction Project


    Highway 15 Reconstruction Project

    MnDOT – Virtual Open House


    Thank you for your participation in our online engagement! The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We look forward to the new and improved features this project will bring to the Hutchinson area.

    Downtown Hutchinson, MN

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    About this presentation

    Following guidance from state health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has temporarily postponed all public meetings and in-person events. Public engagement on transportation and construction projects remains a priority and we appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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    Project Overview

    What is planned for this project?

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation is making improvements to Hwy 15/Main St. in Hutchinson and the city of Hutchinson is modernizing water and sanitary sewer utilities. Here is what is happening in 2020.

    Downtown Reconstruction Area

    Road repair icon

    Completely reconstruct the road through downtown for a smoother road surface

    Traffic signal icon

    Replace existing lighting and signal systems

    Sidewalk Accessibility icon

    Upgrade sidewalks and crossings in the project area to make them accessible for all people

    Water and utilities icon

    The City of Hutchinson will replace utilities—storm sewer, water, sanitary sewer—between 2nd Ave. N and 5th St. to serve the community for many years

    Pavement Resurfacing Area

    Road resurfacing icon

    Resurface the road from 5th Ave. S to just north of the roundabout at Co. Rd. 115/Airport Rd. for a smoother road surface

    Turn lane icon

    Add a northbound left-turn lane at Linden Ave.

    Crossing Accessibility icon

    Upgrade sidewalks and crossings in the project area to make them accessible for all people

    Highway 15 construction area map

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    Project Schedule

    What is the timeline for construction?

    Construction Timeline

    1. Fall 2019 – Paving and tree removal prep work
    2. Early Spring 2020 – Community engagement ← We are here!
    3. Early April 2020 – A temporary signal will be installed at Hwy 7 and Co. Rd. 115
    4. Mid-April 2020 – Downtown reconstruction begins. The resurfacing project will take place at the same time as downtown reconstruction
    5. November 2020 – Construction is complete

    Highway 15 construction schedule

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    Downtown Area Features

    You commented, we listened!

    We heard from the Hutchinson community at several open houses about the design features you would like see in the updated downtown area. Take a look at the final design decisions based on your feedback. Note: The new features pictured below are for illustration purposes and may be modified.

    New Features


    (at key locations only)
    Example of bumpouts
    Portable Planters and Benches
    Example of portable planters
    Colored Concrete
    Example of colored concrete
    Wrought Iron Planters
    (note: exact planters not shown)
    Example of iron planters
    (in off street parking areas)
    Example of bollards

    Existing Features


    (same style of metal bench will be used)
    Example of metal benches
    Trash Receptacles
    (same style will be used)
    Example of trash cans
    Light Poles to be Refurbished and Reused
    (with LED smart lighting)
    Example light poles

    Traffic Impacts

    Learn about closure and detour information

    Beginning on April 13, 2020…

    • Hwy 15 will be closed from 2nd Ave. N to 5th Ave. S during construction.
    • Homes and businesses will be accessible using Franklin St. and Adams St.
    • At least two intersections will be kept open at a time for local traffic to cross Hwy 15 (Washington Ave., 2nd Ave. S and 5th Ave. S).
    • To get to downtown homes and businesses you may have to use a temporary sidewalk or enter through a side or rear entrance.
    • Starting in June, the Pavement Resurfacing Area (see the orange line on the map below) will be constructed under traffic. Motorists can expect temporary lane closures throughout the duration of the project.

    Project Detour Map

    Project area detour map

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    Downtown Traffic Impacts Map

    Downtown project area map

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    Downtown Construction Areas

    How will downtown construction progress between now and November?

    Construction in downtown Hutchinson will be done in four different areas between April 13 and November 2020. It will start at the north end of Main St. and move to the south end of the project area.

    Downtown Hutchinson Diagram

    Area 4: Main Street between 5th Avenue and 2nd Avenue. Area 1: near the intersection of Franklin Street and 2nd Avenue. Area 3: Main Street between 2nd Avenue and Washington Avenue. Area 2: Main Street between washington Avenue and 1st Avenue. Area 1: near the intersection of Franklin Street and 2nd Avenue.
    Detailed map of construction areas in downtown Litchfield

    Click each of the number icons to launch a pop-up to learn more.

    Construction map of downtown Hutchinson

    Area 1 map

    Area 2 map

    Area 3 map

    Area 4 map

    What to Expect During Construction

    What will construction look like?

    Reference the numbered construction impacts on the diagram below.

    1. Local businesses will remain open for business
    2. Road and sidewalk closure signs, please follow the posted detours
    3. Temporary sidewalks throughout the area
    4. Large construction equipment and materials located in the streets and on sidewalks
    5. MnDOT will continue to keep the community updated on closures and detours during construction

    Highway 15 construction impacts

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    Stay Connected

    Thank you for your interest in the Highway 15 Hutchinson Reconstruction Project!


    It is important for the community to understand what to expect during construction. Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to your family, friends and coworkers that use Hwy 15 in this area so they know what to expect and can sign up for email updates.


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