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MnDOT - Highway 23 Resurfacing Project


    Highway 23 Resurfacing Project

    MnDOT – Virtual Open House


    Thank you for your participation in our online engagement! The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Continue clicking through to learn more about the project and what to expect during construction.

    A stretch of Highway 23

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    About this presentation

    Following guidance from state health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has temporarily postponed all public meetings and in-person events. Public engagement on transportation and construction projects remains a priority and we appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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    Project Overview

    What is planned for this project?

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation will resurface 17 ½ miles of Highway 23 with concrete from Cottonwood in Lyon County to Granite Falls in Yellow Medicine County. Also, the intersection of Highway 23 and US Highway 212 in Granite Falls will be upgraded to meet current accessibility standards.

    Road Improvements

    Road improvements icon
    • A new road surface and wider paved shoulders from Cottonwood to Granite Falls.
    • At the intersection of Highway 23 and US Highway 212, a new signal system will be installed and the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings will be updated to make it more accessible for everyone.
    • Lyon County Road 9 will be realigned where it connects to Highway 23 in Cottonwood for enhanced safety.
    • Multiple right-turn lane extensions will be constructed along the project area.

    Drainage Improvements

    Drainage improvements icon
    • Two runs of large metal pipes between Hanley Falls and Cottonwood will be replaced with box culverts to improve drainage.
    • A box culvert located at the south end of the four-lane will be replaced with a larger box culvert to improve drainage.

    Left-Turn Lanes

    Left-turn lanes icon

    Left-turn lanes (northbound and southbound) will be constructed at the following Highway 23 intersections to enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion:

    • Lyon County Road 9 in Cottonwood
    • Lyon County Road 10 in Cottonwood
    • Lyon County Road 75 in Cottonwood
    • Yellow Medicine County Road 2 between Cottonwood and Hanley Falls
    • Yellow Medicine County Road 18 in Hanley Falls

    Animated Project Map

    Highway 23 construction area map

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    Project Schedule

    What is the timeline for construction?

    Construction Timeline

    • Sidewalk construction at Highway 23 and US Highway 212 will begin May 4 and be complete in late June.
    • Paving operations, road realignment, box culvert installation, and lane constructions will begin May 4 and be complete October 31, 2020.

    Note: Work schedules are subject to weather conditions and unforeseeable delays. However, everyone will be working to the best of their ability to deliver the project on time.

    Highway 23 construction schedule

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    Project Benefits

    What improvements are coming to the roadway?

    When the project is complete, travelers will notice many benefits that improve conditions on Highway 23 from Cottonwood to Granite Falls.

    These benefits include:

    Smoother ride benefit icon Smoother ride
    Wider paved benefit shoulders icon Wider paved shoulders
    Traffic flow benefit icon Better traffic flow
    Enhanced safety benefit icon Enhanced safety at intersections
    Sidewalks and crosswalks benefit icon Sidewalks and crosswalks at Highway 23 and US Highway 212 will be accessible to all people.

    New Road Design

    The new road surface will be 27 feet of paved concrete with 8 ½ feet of paved asphalt shoulders, plus 1 ½ feet of gravel edge on each side

    Highway 23 example road cross section

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    Traffic Impacts and Detour Information

    What should people expect during construction?

    Traveler Impacts

    Road improvements icon for Granite Falls

    Travelers in Granite Falls will encounter sidewalk and intersection construction at Highway 23 and US Highway 212.

    • Motorists can expect lane closures, flagging operations and short delays.
    • Pedestrians will use designated routes.

    Road improvements icon for Highway 23

    Highway 23 from US Highway 212 in Granite Falls to Highway 274 will be open at all times, however, it is part of the work zone.

    • Traffic will be two-way, single lane in each direction. Alternate lane closures, flagging operations and short delays can be expected.

    Road improvements icon for Highway 274

    Highway 23 will be closed to all traffic from Highway 274 through Cottonwood.

    • People who live in Cottonwood and Hanley Falls will be able to cross Hwy 23 at various points and times during construction. Check the project website to see which cross roads are open.

    Road improvements icon for Cottonwood, MN

    A detour route for Highway 23 is provided. Review the map shown here to see the detour route.

    Driver Tips

    • Plan ahead and allow extra time for your trip.
    • Watch for traffic sign directions and follow instructions from flagging crews.

    Detour Map

    Highway 23 detour area map

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    Visitor Information

    How will people get to key destinations?

    Travel Information

    • General Travel: Travelers using Highway 23 who are not stopping in the area will be detoured on Highway 274/Yellow Medicine County Road 6 and Yellow Medicine County Road 46/Lyon County Road 22.
    • Visitors to Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort: (Heading south from Granite Falls) Use Highway 23 (under construction) to Highway 274. Visitors heading north will use County Roads 22 and 6 to Highway 274. Signs will be in place to direct you to your destination.
    • Visitors to the Granite Falls Airport, Fagen Fighters World War II Museum: Use Highway 274 and/or County Roads 6 and 22 to get to 240th Avenue, which will lead to 540th Street and Airport Road. Signs will be in place to direct you.
    • Visitors to Hanley Falls and Cottonwood: Use the detour and follow signed routes into each city.
    Cottonwood, MN water tower

    Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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