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    Highway 371 Study

    Reconstruction between County Rd 40 and County Rd 5

    MnDOT – Virtual Open House

    Welcome to our Highway 371 virtual engagement! The entire session should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. We look forward to receiving your input and continuing to work with you throughout the study. Thank you for your participation in our online engagement.

    This study is looking to reflect the current and future transportation needs of Highway 371 between County Road 40 and County Road 5 in Hackensack.

    Construction isn’t schedule to take place until 2024.

    Hwy 371 project area

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    About This Presentation

    Following guidance from state health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has temporarily postponed all public meetings and in-person events. Public engagement on transportation and construction projects remains a priority and we appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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    Tell Us About Yourself

    How do you use this stretch of Hwy 371?

    Let’s start by getting to know you a little better! Please take a minute to answer the following survey questions. Your responses will help us understand how you use this stretch of Highway 371 in Hackensack.

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    See the project area:
    Hwy 371 project area

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    Your Feedback — Survey Questions

    Highway 371 Study Overview

    MnDOT is reconstructing Highway 371 between County Rd 40 and County Rd 5 in Hackensack in the next few years. This project will improve the roadway surface, construct new sidewalks and increase safety for all users of Highway 371. It also includes a possible redesign of the Highway 371 and County Highway 5 intersection.

    An intersection in the project area

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    Study Recommendations

    Hwy 371 study recommendations will include:

    Safety improvements icon

    Improved safety for all users

    Speed improvements icon

    Speed reduction measures

    Bike and pedestrian improvements icon

    Improved or new bike and pedestrian facilities

    County Road 5 improvements icon

    County Road 5 and Hwy 371 reconstruction

    Utility improvements icon

    Drainage system upgrades

    Engagement Summary

    Our team has been engaging with the Hackensack community to gather input that will help our project team create a vision for Highway 371. Our recent engagement efforts are below.

    Public Advisory Committee (PAC)

    We have a committee of community members serving as advisors to the project team to help shape the vision for the corridor and providing input on design alternatives to best meet the needs of that vision. The group is also helping to identify issues in the community and act as ambassadors for sharing information about the project and encourage participation. The PAC has met three times so far:

    Meeting dates icon
    • September 2019
    • November 2019
    • February 2020

    Business and Property Owner Meetings

    Our project team met with about 20 businesses and property owners along the corridor between November 2019 and February 2020. Our goal was to gather input on the potential corridor design before further development.

    A booth at an engagement event

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    Community Engagement

    In 2019, our project team attended Sweetheart Days and Chainsaw Days in downtown Hackensack. We asked attendees to help us prioritize the corridor by ranking potential improvements. Here’s what we heard:

    • There needs to be improvements made at the Highway 371/County Highway 5 intersection.
    • Improve sidewalks
    • Maintain parking spaces
    • Lower speed
    • Not adversely affect businesses with new design
    • It was also important to attendees that local businesses and economic development be part of the final design.

    A crosswalk in the project area

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    Here’s Where We Ended Up

    After hearing from our stakeholders and the community, our project team developed an initial design concept to move forward for additional review and development.

    Hwy 371 project area

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    Downtown Hackensack Design Elements

    • 3-lane option
      • One thru lane in each direction and a center turn lane
      • Curb and gutter to control highway drainage
      • Parallel parking along Highway 371
      • 6’ sidewalk on each side of Highway 371 throughout the downtown area
    • Meets the project goal to enhance mobility and safety for all users
    • Stays within the existing MnDOT right-of-way

    See what the design will look like:
    Example rending of a new crosswalk Example rending of center turn lane Another example rending of center turn lane

    Click each of the images above to enlarge.

    The addition of sidewalks and improved pedestrian crosswalks through the downtown area will improve the ability to walk around downtown as well as provide a safe option to park on a side street and walk to businesses along Highway 371.

    1. Parallel parking spaces will be available in the downtown area on both sides of Highway 371 between Murray Ave. and Whipple Ave.
    2. The sidewalk on Lake Ave., west of Highway 371, will be extended to the alley and additional parking spaces will be available on the street.

    Diagram of the 371 parking and sidewalk designs

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    Your Feedback — Survey Questions

    Highway 371 and County Highway 5 Intersection

    MnDOT is considering a roundabout option at the intersection of Highway 371 and County Road 5 to reduce speed, and improve traffic control and safety at the intersection.

    See the initial roundabout design:
    Roundabout intersection design

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    Roundabout Elements

    Roundabouts features icon
    • Roundabouts are designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicle types such as semi-trucks, fuel tankers, as well as vehicles pulling a boat or a trailer. Each roundabout is designed to fit the needs of the specific location.
    • The roundabout will be designed with crosswalks for pedestrians and bicyclists to navigate through the intersection.
    • Provides a speed reduction measure at the intersection for traffic approaching Hackensack from the north as well as traffic leaving Hackensack from the south.

    Roundabout Benefits

    Roundabouts benefits icon
    • Allow motorists to get through the intersection more safely and in less time
    • Handle more traffic with less delay than most stop signs or traffic signals
    • Slow traffic down to make entering and exiting the area easier for all users
    • Reduce the risk for higher speed crashes as traffic volumes increase

    Learn more about roundabouts:

    MnDOT offers additional information on roundabouts at link here:

    Your Feedback — Survey Questions

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    It’s important for the community to better understand the design concepts currently being considered for Highway 371 and the Highway 371/County Road 5 intersection. Now is the right time to help MnDOT think through the design for this area, before construction starts.

    Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to your family, friends and coworkers that use this stretch of Highway 371.

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