Highway 59 Resurfacing Project Open House

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Improving Highway 59
South of Marshall, MN


Welcome to our virtual open house—we thank you for your participation.

This project includes $2 million of roadway improvements south of Marshall for a smoother and quieter ride. Sections of the concrete roadway will be repaired in two locations south of Marshall. This virtual open house provides an overview of the project and information on detours that will take place during construction.

View of Hwy 59

About this Virtual Open House

The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Continue clicking through to learn more about the project and what to expect during construction.

Following guidance from state health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has temporarily postponed all public meetings and in-person events. Public engagement on transportation and construction projects remains a priority, and we appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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Project Overview

In summer 2021, MnDOT is planning to repair sections of the concrete on Highway 59 in two locations south of Marshall:

  • Highway 59 from the intersection of Highway 23 in Marshall to the intersection of County Road 6 (south of Marshall).
  • Highway 59 from the intersection of Highway 14 (near Garvin) to just north of the intersection of Highway 30.

Project Locations

Both project areas shown on one map

Click the image above to enlarge.

Project Process and Benefits

The concrete repair will involve completely removing sections of the roadway and then replacing those areas with new concrete. In addition, the roadway will also receive diamond grinding. Diamond grinding is a process that removes a thin layer from the surface of the roadway to get rid of imperfections caused by construction.

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The improved Highway 59 roadway will have a smoother surface and will offer a quieter ride.

Project Schedule

Step 1
Mid-July through Mid-September: Construction on the section near Garvin

Step 2
Mid-September through Mid-October: Construction on the section south of Marshall

Step 3
Mid-October: Construction complete

Please note that time frames are all approximate, subject to change and weather and schedule permitting.

What to Expect During Construction

Construction Impacts

Our project team will be available to businesses, residents and visitors before, during and after construction. We’ll continue to listen to your needs and concerns and make adjustments when possible.

Overall construction impacts:

  • Highway 59 may be closed at two different locations during resurfacing.
    • The section near Garvin will be closed first and take about seven weeks to complete.
    • The section directly south of Marshall will be closed second and take about five weeks to complete.

Traffic impacts:

  • Temporary detours, lane closures and other traffic impacts.
  • Detours and closures will take place at different times to lessen the impact on travelers.
    • However, MnDOT may start construction south of Marshall before the Garvin section is done.

Pavement impacts:

  • When construction is underway, whole sections of the roadway will be removed creating large holes in the pavement.
  • Concrete takes time to cure so the roadway won’t be open immediately after construction stops.

Area access:

  • All businesses and residences will remain accessible during the project.
  • Lake Shetek will remain accessible during the project.

Planning and Navigation:

  • Plan ahead and allow extra time for your trip due to detours and traffic impacts.
  • Watch for traffic sign directions to help you get to where you need to go during construction.
  • Example Construction Photos

    Step one of the concrete pour
    Step two of the concrete pour
    Step three of the concrete pour
    Step four of the concrete pour

    Stay Informed

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    Watch for message boards in the area with real time directional information.

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    Click to the next slide to learn more about detours and traffic impacts during construction.

    Detours and Traffic Impacts

    Highway 59 between Highway 14 and Highway 30

    • Planned dates: Mid-July through Mid-September
    • Full closure of Highway 59 in this area
    • Detour uses Highway 14, Highway 5, Highway 29 and Highway 12 to get around the closure
    • Lake Shetek will be accessed using County Highway 48
    • All businesses and residences will remain accessible during the project

    Animated detour route map

    Highway 59 between Highway 23 and County Road 6

    • Planned dates: Mid-September through Mid-October; construction on this section may occur sooner
    • Full closure of Highway 59 in this area
    • Detour uses Highway 23, Highway 35 and Highway 6 to get around the closure
    • Local access only for residents who live in the construction area
    • All businesses and residences will remain accessible during the project

    Animated detour route map

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    Thank you for your interest in the Highway 59 Resurfacing Project.

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    It is important for the community to understand what to expect during construction. Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to your family, friends and coworkers that use Highway 59 in this area so they know what to expect and can sign up for email updates.

    Contact the Project Team

    Cody Brand
    MnDOT Project Manager, District 8

    Mandi Lighthizer-Schmidt
    MnDOT Director of Public Engagement, District 8

    Plan Ahead

    For real-time traffic and travel information in Minnesota, visit www.511mn.org or get the free Minnesota 511 smartphone app from Google Play or the App Store.

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