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Montbello Safer Streets Online Meeting



    Andrews Dr, Uvalda St, E 51st/Gateway Ave & Crown Blvd

    Welcome to the 2nd virtual open house for the Montbello Safer Streets project! In the first virtual open house, you were presented with design alternatives that addressed speed and crash issues, bike routes and safety improvements on Andrews Dr, Uvalda St, E 51st/Gateway Ave and Crown Blvd. To review materials related to the previous virutal open house, click on the links below:

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    • After you complete the online meeting, we invite you to take our survey so we can learn more about your experience with Montbello's roadways.

    Project Overview

    Safer Streets overview map Click on the image to enlarge.

    This project includes four roadways in Montbello, as shown in the map. The primary objective of this project is improved safety for all roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers with special attention to the needs of the elderly, children, and disabled individuals.

    Three of the roadways are of similar layout and size:

    • 1 Andrews Dr
    • 2 E 51st Ave/Gateway Ave
    • 3 Uvalda St


    • 4 Crown Blvd has different design considerations. Proposed designs for this street are discussed later in the meeting.

    How We Got Here

    In 2019, the Far Northeast Area Plan was adopted after an 18 month community conversation. This planning process identified major safety and mobility concerns on roadways in Montbello. The Plan also highlighted specific roadways where the community wants bicycle and pedestrian focused facilities to be prioritized. The current project focuses on several of these roadways to address safety needs for all users.

    Collage of planning graphics

    Safety Issues

    For this effort, the project team collected traffic volumes—annual average daily traffic (AADT)—and historic crash patterns, which helped inform design. For example, vehicle volumes on E 51st Ave is about twice that of Andrews Dr., indicating that Andrews Dr. may more easily accommodate more space allocated specifically for biking and walking.

    Average Annual Daily Traffic shown on map Click on the image to enlarge. Map legend


    Crash Analysis 1 What does this crash data tell us?

    Solutions for Safer Streets

    The project team considered these proven solutions for reducing speeding and making streets safer for walking and biking.

    Make the street easy to use.

    Make the street easy to use

    Reduce the complexity of the roadway and intersections in the eyes of all travelers. A safer city street will trade the long, indirect crosswalks and confusing right-of-way at intersections for shorter crossings and create clear spaces designated for moving vehicles, parked vehicles, bike riders, and pedestrians.

    Slow speeds.

    Slow speeds

    Slowing traffic saves lives. Slower speeds are encouraged by fewer number of lanes, narrower lanes, signage and enforcement.

    Quality over quantity.

    Quality over quantity

    Historically, engineers have given cars as much space as possible. Since then, we have learned that more lanes can lead to more safety issues and can cause more congestion rather than less. A jumble of un-designated lanes can cause driver confusion, crashes and congestion. Removing lanes to can actually improve traffic flow.

    Utilize roadway network.

    Utilize roadway network

    Expanding the area of traffic analysis of the broader street network can make it clear what design and size is appropriate on an individual street for safety and traffic flow. Work being completed on streets around Montbello, such as I-70, 56th Ave, and Pena Blvd, is expected to divert non local traffic from Montbello’s local streets in the next few years.

    Existing Conditions

    Street view of E 51st Ave

    Existing conditions are similar on E 51st/Gateway Ave, Andrews Dr., and Uvalda St. and have these characteristics:


    Confusing, wide intersections


    Double Threat
    (two car lanes at pedestrian crossings)


    Moderate traffic volumes


    Speeding vehicles


    Unmarked parking lane


    Wide lanes

    What we Heard

    In previous meetings, you were asked to consider issues and design options for the three canal streets (51st Ave, Andrews Dr, Uvalda St). Click on the boxes below to learn about What we heard and how we addressed it.

    +Safety issues and speeding on all the canal streets

    Photograph of traffic calming measures

    Designs include ‘traffic calming’ to help encourage more cautious driving such bulb-outs at intersections. There are three main tools that can be employed to address traffic calming and improve multimodal safety, which include engineering, education, and enforcement.

    Learn more about traffic calming

    +Inconsistent speed limits on E 51st/ Gateway Ave are confusing

    Photograph of speed limit sign

    The entire corridor will be clearly signed 25mph except for the 20mph school zone.

    +E 51st/Gateway Ave are primary east-west route; keeping 2 vehicle lanes feels important

    Photograph of protected bike lane

    E 51st/Gateway Ave designs retain 2 vehicle lane. Parking will be repurposed to accommodate a high comfort bikeway

    +Andrews Dr. & Uvalda St. have lower vehicle volumes; a better fit for repurposing vehicle lanes to get maximum safety benefits for bicyclists & pedestrians crossings like Silverman Park

    Photograph of stop sign

    A vehicle travel lane will be re-purposed to reduce vehicle speeds & make crossing the street easier for pedestrians. New all-way stops will be added.

    +Safety issues, especially for students crossing the streets, with the many schools along Crown Blvd.

    Photograph pedestrian crossing sign

    Designs include an in-street pedestrian crossing warning sign adjacent Escalante Biggs Academy.

    +Preserve on-street parking and driveway access along the corridor

    Photograph of cars parked on road

    Preserves most on street parking. On-street parking is removed on two very low used blocks to create a comfort buffer for the bike lane.

    +Bicycling on Crown Blvd feels unsafe with the traffic and parked cars along the road.

    Bike lane

    Designs create a bicycle lane--a dedicated space for bicyclist separate from vehicles and the parking lane.

    Preferred Design for E 51st/Gateway Ave.

    From Uvalda St. to Chambers Rd.

    2 vehicle lanes + protected bike lane

    Option B Cross Section
    Click on the image to enlarge.
    Engineering view of design Click on the image to enlarge.

    Preferred Design for Andrews Dr. & Uvalda St.

    Andrews Dr. from Peoria St. to Crown Blvd. | Uvalda St. from 56th Ave. to 51st Ave.

    1 vehicle lane + Buffer/parking lane + protected bike lane

    Option B Cross Section
    Click on the image to enlarge.
    Engineering view of design Click on the image to enlarge.

    Preferred Design for Crown Blvd.

    Albrook Dr. to 56th Ave.

    Conventional Bike lane + 3 blocks buffered bike lane w/1 side parking lane

    Cross sections on Crown Blvd.
    Click on the image to enlarge.

    Conventional Bike Lane

    Engineering view of design

    Buffered Bike Lane

    Engineering view of design Click on the images to enlarge.

    Primary Designs Summary

    Map showing roadway designs Click on the image to enlarge.

    Pedestrian Oriented Improvements

    4-way Stop Sign

    Stop sign
    • Andrews Dr. & Tulsa Ct.

    Paint & Bollard Bulb-outs

    Bollard bulb outs
    • Andrews Dr. & Tulsa Ct.
    • Andrews Dr. & Crown Blvd.

    In-street Pedestrian Crossing

    Ped crossing sign

    Crown Blvd. & 54th Ave.

    New Crosswalks

    Cross walk
    • Andrews Dr. & Tulsa Ct.
    • 51st Ave. & Bolling Dr.
    • Gateway Ave. & Fontana Ct.

    Consistent Speed Limit Signage

    Speed limit sign
    • 51st/Gateway Ave.

    Next Steps

    ver en espanol Jan-March:engagement; April-May: digital engagement; May-June:prerred alternative open house; Sept-Oct: installation of improvements on 51st/Gateway/Crown Blvd; 2021-22: installation of improvements on Andrews/Uvalda Click on the image above to enlarge.

    Thank you for Participating!

    You’ve reached the end of this meeting! Thanks for participating!

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