WYDOT State Transportation Improvement Program Online Meeting

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Welcome to our online community meeting!

Here you will learn more about WYDOT’s State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and provide feedback on what improvements are important to you and your community.


This is a self-navigating meeting for you to participate at your leisure. Take your time and be sure to provide your input.

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WYDOT is updating our State Transportation Improvement Program

The STIP is the method we use to develop projects to meet our performance goals, as well as both state and federal goals that are included as part of the funding we receive. It is a six-year program approved by the transportation commission. The STIP provides a snapshot of existing and expected projects and their schedules, and is continually updated. The current STIP is for the years 2021-2026

The previous STIP is currently being reviewed and updated based on your input and infrastructure needs around Wyoming.
Read the previous STIP.

The STIP represents the following elements for each of the 550+ projects

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Planned Construction

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Preliminary Engineering

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Right of Way

photograph of people wearing hard hats and masks

We need your feedback!

WYDOT has put in place a pavement, bridge and a safety management system to assist in optimizing its limited resources in order to produce a safe, high quality, and efficient transportation system. Projects listed in the STIP reflect the best candidates to allow the State of Wyoming to achieve its goals even though funding is limited.

Tell us more about you and what’s important to your transportation experience. Please answer the following questions.

Transportation Survey

What projects are proposed?

Click on the image below to view your county and a list of projects that are proposed or currently taking place in your area. Provide your input and let us know if anything is missing!

Click on the image below to view the map in a new window.image of map Click on the image below to view the map in a new window.image of map

Where are we in the process?

Click on the icons to see more information.

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STIP Inputs

  • Asset Management Systems
  • Safety
  • Performance Measures
  • Economic Development
  • Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Mobility
  • Budget
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April - May 2020
Candidate Projects

  • Highway Projects
  • Rail Projects
  • Public Transit
  • Indian Reservation Road Projects (IRR)
  • Federal Lands Projects
  • Enhancement Projects
  • MPO Tip Projects
  • Aeronautics Projects
  • Off-system Projects
  • Capital Projects
  • Other Projects
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June - August 2020
Public Input

  • Transportation Commission
  • Aeronautics Commission
  • PSC Commission
  • Transportation Alternative Program (TAP)
  • Citizens
  • Public Agencies
  • Transportation Agencies
  • MPO's
  • Tribal Governments
  • Federal Agencies
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Local Governments
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Transportation Commission

  • Approves STIP
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) concurs in approval
  • Federal Transit Authority concurs in approval
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STIP Inputs

  • Final STIP Published

How is the STIP funded?

Funding for the STIP includes a split between the sources listed below for each project:

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Highway User Fees

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Other State Revenue


Fiscal Year 2020 Total Funding
51.49% - federal; 32.59% - highway user fees; 15.92% - other

Wyoming Roadways: Funding Allocation - Fiscal Year 2020


84% - $569,856,596

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16% - $108,577,647

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Driver's License

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Motor Vehicles

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Ports of

Get in Touch!

Would you like to talk with someone about projects in your community? Find your county and contact information below, as well as details on the in-person meeting. Or leave a comment by clicking the bar at the top of the page.View the in-person meeting presentation.

Albany, Carbon, and Laramie Counties

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Jordan Achs
Public Involvement Specialst

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In-Person Meetings
Click on the counties below to view in-person meeting dates and times and/or view the previous in-person meeting presentations.

Albany County

Meetings occurred on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Carbon County

Meetings occurred on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.


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Our Purpose

Support Wyoming’s economy while safely connecting communities and improving quality of life.

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Our Mission

Provide a safe and effective transportation sustem.

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Our Vision

Excellence in transportation.

Our Values


Respectfully considering the opinions of others, selflessly serving the citizens of Wyoming, and acting with humility.


Being honest and trustworthy in all our dealings with each other and the public. Having the courage to hold ourselves and each other accountable for doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Commitment to achieving our mission and serving the people of Wyoming. Loyalty to mission and agency is important, and both is given and earned.


Striving for excellence in everything we do, always giving the very best of ourselves. Identifying problems, but focusing on solutions, towards which we are innovative, resourceful, and unrelenting.


Valuing people are our greatest resource, and as such everyone in the workplace should be safe while performing their job duties and in their physical surroundings, as well as free from mental and emotional harm of harassment, discrimination, or intimidation. Additionally, valuing the safety of those we serve as a top priority.

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Thank you for your participation!

We appreciate your attention and input. Please leave a comment using the link at the top of your screen, or use the button below to return to our main website.